About Us

The founders of Bluebirds: Lenneke van Ingen and Aniek Bengevoord


The entrepreneurial lifestyle of Lenneke van Ingen was the inspiration from which Bluebirds emerged. Lenneke frequently traveled abroad for yoga and meditation retreats to sustain her busy life. On a clear day, she thought: “why not create an oasis for the busy city dweller in Amsterdam?!”

That is how, in 2016, the first Bluebirds Nest came to be. Right there at one of the nicest squares in Amsterdam East. Soon, Lenneke partnered up with co-owner, Aniek Bengevoord. As a Master of sciences, Aniek combines all her knowledge about the body and mind, hoping to inspire others on the importance of taking care of oneself but also letting go when necessary. ‘Cause let’s be honest, we are often too hard on ourselves in our daily lives!

Together with Aniek Bengevoord, the daily manager of all studios in Amsterdam, Bluebirds has since grown into not only a yoga school but also a source of inspiration for many ‘Amsterdammers’.


In 2019 Bluebirds West and Centrum opened their doors, followed by Haarlem in 2022, and Zuid in 2024. The nest continues to grow, and we can’t wait to discover what is next!

Next to yoga, meditation, and Superles, you can also come to Bluebirds for a massage, nutritional advice, physiotherapy, and coaching. Our spaces are also available for individual treatments or group sessions. In this way, we hope to be a resting place for as many people as possible amidst the urban life.

We encourage you to take the tools you learn in our classes with you into your daily life. So, why not after class, give yourself an extra moment of self-care by grabbing a cup of tea and hanging out in our studios.

In our stores, you’ll find inspiring products that create little moments of happiness. They are perfect as gifts for yourself or someone else.

We love to keep inspiring you and are always on the lookout for new ideas and collaborations! Feel free to reach out to us!

Bluebirds Behind The Scenes

Aniek Bengevoord

Manager Bluebirds

Aniek Bengevoord

Pascalle van Haaften

Studio manager Oost



Studio manager West


Brigitte Keijzer

Studio manager Haarlem


Would you like to take a little better care of yourself? Become a Bluebird!
We’ll provide the tools to keep your busy life under control.