Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga is a dynamic and powerful type of yoga. It has a fixed series of exercises that are connected by dynamic movements. The teacher will guide you through the fixed series of postures in which you use your breath. This type of yoga will make you feel powerful and flexible, but will also encourage inner peace. This is your class if you like structure and challenges!

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Ashtanga flow

Ashtanga flow yoga is a dynamic and powerful type of yoga. It has a fixed series of exercises that are connected through the use of dynamic movements. Every posture is held for at least five breaths. During this class, you will work on building awareness as well as balance, strength, focus, and flexibility.



Bring yourself into a higher state of consciousness through Breathwork. In this class you will learn how to raise your body vibration through Conscious Breathing. An active circular breathing technique that lets your prana, your life energy, flow. And when your prana flows, you will also feel the courage to go beyond the known, explore the unconscious areas outside your comfort zone and let your heart shine. Conscious Breathing is an easy to learn active meditation. It will let you ground and is therefore very suitable for letting go of the noise in and around you.


Breathwork & Meditation

In this class you will be introduced to a gentle form of Conscious Breathing. This class is about grounding, feeling safe, relaxation and meditation. You will also become more aware of physical sensations, you will learn to let go of tension, you are invited to feel resilience and to make contact with the wishes from your heart. A relaxed circular breathing technique activates your prana, your life energy, which raises your body vibration. Conscious Breathing is a powerful self-healing tool. Supported by meditation, you will connect with your essence and you can let go of the energy that no longer serves you.

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Critical Alignment

In critical alignment yoga, we use a series of calming poses held for longer periods of time becoming aware of the tension in the body. With the help of props (rubber strip, blanket, etc.) we create a straight upper back, aligning all body parts restoring strong mobility in that position. During this class connecting along the body and the essential role of postural muscles (muscles along the vertebral column and joints) will be emphasized. In critical alignment yoga, we focus on relaxing movement muscles (muscles along arms and legs) in order to bring back flexibility, allowing the body to feel lighter and more mobile. At the same time, we will work the postural muscles to support a new, open and healthy body posture.



In Pilates, it is all about the body’s deep postural muscles. Through breathing techniques, we learn to work on our strength and inner balance. We concentrate on muscle groups such as the core, back, and legs. Through the intensity of the class, with a focus on strengthening and stretching of specific muscles, we create a strong yet flexible and relaxed body.

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Pilates Flow

In Pilates Flow, it is all about the collaboration between body and mind. With the right way of breathing and focus we work on our strength and core stability. We concentrate on specific muscle groups (core, back, and legs) instead of individual muscles. You will end the class like you are used to from us: completely relaxed!

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Postnatal Pilates

This class is designed for all women who have given birth and want to re-own and enjoy their bodies. If you have given birth a year ago or even longer. With this postnatal pilates class you will regain pelvic stability, strength and alignment. Re-discover and connect with your body.

Postnatal Pilates exercises are low-impact and deliberately gentle, enabling new mothers to heal and rebuild their strength in a safe way. Feel supported by our teacher who will guide you with precision and expertise from her own post-birth recovery experience. You can join class 6 weeks postpartum.

Check with your gynaecologist or midwife if you are allowed to work out again.


Prenatal Yoga

PAY ATTENTION! This yoga class is for pregnant women from their 14th week of pregnancy. Are you coming for the first time? Please make sure to arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of the class. During pregnancy, it is important to keep body and mind in balance, in a short time body and mind run through a big transformation. Pregnancy yoga offers support during pregnancy and preparation for birth. The classes consist of exercises that support this process such as gentle but also powerful yoga postures for building strength and flexibility, and meditation, breathing, and relaxation exercises to create a balance between body and mind, awareness of your body and breathing, relaxation and trust. The classes are designed to support this special transformative period at all levels. During the classes, your confidence in the natural powers of your own body will increase and you will be better prepared for the birth of your child.

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Relax Flow

This relax flow is a 90-minute calming yoga class. A slow flow will warm up your body, improve your flexibility and relieve physical tension. The flow will be followed by restorative poses in which you will use props and stay in the posture for longer giving you the opportunity to relax completely in both body and mind. The poses are combined with breathing exercises that reduce stress.

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Restorative Yoga

In this class, we focus completely on deep relaxation. By being in positions for longer periods of time, using aids such as blocks, blankets, and bolsters, we give our nervous system plenty of time to sink into deep relaxation. From deep relaxation, we are able to recharge and recover, and it will also help us continue all our activities outside of the mat with peace, calm and renewed energy.

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Super Flow

This Super Flow class is a Vinyasa practice in which postures flow into each other in a specific order. We work on strength and flexibility. Every in- and out-breath is linked to a movement, which will provide you with more control over your breath and will enable you to deepen your breath. Concentration and focus are being trained, your health will increase and mental activity will slow down. The focus will become more into the body en into the present moment.

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We have developed this signature class ourselves. In 60 or 90 minutes we will go from full effort to total relaxation with parts of Hiit, pilates, yoga, and meditation. You will burn calories and leave the building completely zen again. Best of all worlds; both your sport and your relaxation in one class!


Superles Barre

In this Superles Barre class, we spend the first half of class at the barre and then we will move down on to the mat. A bit more intense than pilates, with challenging exercises for the abdominals, buttocks, and legs. But as you are used to from Bluebirds, you will leave the room completely relaxed and recharged again.



Superles Core

In this Superles Core class, we focus on strengthening our core for 40 minutes. A bit more intensive than pilates, with many plank variants and challenging exercises for the abdominals, buttocks, and legs. But as you are used to from Bluebirds, you will leave the room completely relaxed and recharged again.



Superles Mama

In addition to pregnancy yoga, we also offer a special Superles that you can follow during and shortly after your pregnancy. This class is suitable for women who want to move actively during their pregnancy or just after birth in a safe way. Our experienced teachers ensure that you do the perfect workout. Of course, as with all our Super classes, you will leave the studio satisfied.


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Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a physical and mental challenge. You will come into the pose to a specific depth in which you feel enough sensation while you can relax at the same time with the benefit of stimulating the energetic body. You will stay in the pose a little longer to strengthen and lengthen the deeper connective tissues which may lead to a more flexible physical body. Finally, you will try to find stillness in your physical, mental and emotional body and this is where your self-investigation starts. The goal of the class is different for everyone; you may find stillness in your body and mind, get more flexible and this type of yoga may also help to ease medical complaints.

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Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra literally means “sleep of the yogis”. This type of yoga is not about stretching or lengthening, but about ‘lying and listening’. A nice and accessible class to achieve total physical, mental and emotional relaxation. During the practice of Yoga Nidra, it seems as if you are sleeping every now and then, but you are functioning on a deeper level of consciousness. It’s the state in between sleeping and being awake which will allow your body to relax, restore and recover on a deep level. Let everything just be as it is and surrender to this guided meditation and visualization. Experience the healing quality of Yoga Nidra and be prepared to activate your inner power and completely surrender to relaxation.