Do you have a question? Please first check out our frequently asked questions below. Great chance that the answer to your question is there. Still have a question? Feel free to email to info@blue-birds.nl.

General questions

I have just bought an introduction card/ 5-/10-class card and already booked my first class, but can't book another class. What's going on?

Our cards are validated the moment you book your first class. It is most likely that you want to book a class on a date that is earlier than the class you’ve already booked, so the card isn’t valid yet, and therefore you can’t book the class. If you can, cancel the booking you’ve already made, and then try to make the new reservation.

Can I extend my 5 or 10 class cards?

Our regular 5 & 10 class cards are valid unlimited, our specials 3 months. Only in case of an injury / pregnancy or longer sickness we can extend these, please send an email to info@blue-birds.nl.

Can I freeze my membership?

Yes, you can. In case of a holiday for at least 3 weeks and inform us minimum a week in advance by mailing to info@blue-birds.nl. In case of injuries / pregnancies /sickness, also minimum 3 weeks. For shorter time periods, we don’t freeze memberships.

Can I extend my 3x introduction class?

Our introduction offer is 15 days, so in theory you can book 3 weeks in a row. (However, we suggest you to try different classes/teachers/days/studios to really try our studios). If you think you won’t make 3 classes in 15 days, our drop in might suit you better:)

Can I bring a friend to class?

Of course, the more, the merrier. Your friend will however need to buy a single class or other product to be able to join the class.

I'm a teacher/facilitator and hosting an event. Can I collaborate with Bluebirds?

We don’t organize workshops in collaboration with external teachers, unfortunately.

I would like to work at Bluebirds as a teacher/host. Are you hiring?

At the moment, we have no or limited job openings in our studios. If we do have any job openings, you can find them on this page.  Feel free to email us with your motivation, and resume (info@blue-birds.nl). We don’t reply to all emails, but we do read every email. If we’re interested after your application, we’ll reply.

Memberships, Book a Class, Cancellations

How to setup an account with Eversports?

Here are the steps:


  • Download the EverSports app on your phone

  • Click on <create account>

  • Enter the requested information

  • You will receive an email from EverSports to verify your email address

  • Click in the email on <verify email>

  • Click <continue to EverSports>, to open the app


How can I book a class?

Here are the steps:

  • Open the app

  • Click <ontdek> and enter <Yogasite> in the search bar at the top of the page

  • Click the little heart at the top right corner of the page to mark Yogasite as a favorite (that way no search is needed next time you open the app

  • Group classes can be found at <activiteiten>

  • Click on the class of your choice

  • Click at the bottom on <verder naar reserveren>

  • The lesson has been booked. You’ll see on your screen: <Bedankt voor je boeking!>

  • You will receive a confirmation email

How can I cancel a class?

Here are the steps:

  • Click on <boekingen> at the bottom of the page

  • Here you will find all of your upcoming and previous bookings

  • Click on the booking you would like to cancel

  • At the very bottom you will find <Afmelden van deze activiteit>

  • You’ll need to reconfirm your choice

  • The booking can no longer be seen in upcoming bookings

  • You will receive an email of your cancellation

How can I cancel my membership?

To cancel a membership, you first need to log in to your account. Then go to Profile > My Products and Memberships, select the membership you want to cancel, and you’ll find the “Cancel Membership” button. When you click on this button and confirm the action, the membership will be canceled, and you’ll receive a confirmation email.

What is the notice period to cancel my membership?

One month. You can cancel your membership (with 1 month notice) yourself in your Eversports account (website or app). Check out how over here.

Can I bring a friend to class?

Of course, the more, the merrier. Your friend will however need to buy a single class or other product to be able to join the class.

Space Rental

I want to rent a space at Bluebirds. How does that work?

You can find all information about rentals and the procedure here. You can check the availability directly here. Please note that if you haven’t rented at Bluebirds before, you first need to have an intake before you can rent the space.