1-Day Expere Workshop: Manifestation Station

Join us for “Manifestation Station” at Bluebirds Yoga Studio West, where we delve into the power of intentions and the art of crafting reality with our minds. This immersive program blends science with exercises and sessions, providing 10 hours of comprehensive training.

“This is a great workshop in which we work through Expere’s intention setting and expression method called “Intention Design”. We not only learn the psychology and science behind setting effective intentions, but we also do all kinds of exercises to amplify their effectiveness in our lives.”

-Graeme Raymond


Upon exploration into the complex interplay between ourselves and our reality, there’s a naturally arising question. How can we harness our understanding of how reality works for intentional and positive change?

What’s the scientific grounding behind the notion of “transceiving”, or influencing our own reality through focused intention?

This workshop will include discussions on the mind-body-reality connection, our interaction with our environment (local and non-local field systems), discussions on quantum physics, and the unique properties of electromangetism and biophotons.

These discussions aren’t merely academic; they lay the foundation for one of the most transformative ideas: our potential ability to shape reality. We will compliment our discussions with group exercises, meditations and breathwork sessions. Participants will gain hands-on experience of how we can utilize the science in order to create our reality as intended.

We are more than passive observers in this world. Our consciousness plays an active role in not only perceiving but also influencing our environment, and our reality.

Graeme pf

Dates & times

Saturday 16th of December: 11:00 – 18:00
Bluebirds West, Jan Evertsenstraat 4-8 Amsterdam

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Investment: €200,-

What to expect?

We welcome you to the Bluebird West yoga studio on Saturday, December 16th. Lectures and exercises take place between 11:00 – 18:00, with breaks throughout the day. We will have light snacks onsite (yoghurt, granola bars, fruits and nuts), and there will be tea and water available.


GRAEME RAYMOND: Graeme’s journey into mind and consciousness began at an early age, first discovering meditation in his teenage years, and then expanding upon his teachings in university while he studied Philosophy and Theology at Queen’s University, Canada graduating in 2011. After a life-altering journey battling cancer and undergoing multiple surgeries, Graeme embarked on a path of self-healing and discovered the profound connection between the mind and body. Content taught at Expere includes the practices Graeme has used to facilitate his own physical healing. Now as a Program Director and instructor, Graeme offers a unique perspective and transformative experience to guide others in connecting with their mind, body and reality, unlocking their highest potential.

ELISABETH JANZER: Elisabeth has a background in psychotherapy, with a keen passion for spiritual practices and self-development. She has also completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training with the Yoga Alliance in 2020, certifying her to teach yoga.  Elisabeth’s true joy and purpose lie in guiding individuals on inward journeys through the integration of yoga, movement, meditation, and ceremonial practices. By combining the wisdom of yoga with the transformative potential of psychotherapy, she provides a unique and profound experience for those seeking holistic healing and personal growth.

KATRINE BREIDAHL: Katrine Breidahl is a professionally trained psychotherapist associated with the Sisifos Center in Copenhagen. She studied under the Greek philosopher and psychologist, Panos Charbis, known for his extensive work with depression and late-modern dual symptoms. Katrine is well-versed in (meta)cognitive therapy, but her primary focus is in psychoanalysis and psychosynthesis. This therapeutic approach aims to integrate the body, mind, and the mechanisms of personality, often referred to as the ‘soul’. As a part of the Expere ecosystem, Katrine is familiar with the modules, exercises, and meditations that you’re undertaking. She has personally experienced the power of these practices and enjoyed the retreat in the beautiful surroundings. If you’re grappling with overwhelming negative emotions, unresolved traumas, inexplicable issues, or even everyday problems, Katrine is available for support.

Medical Considerations:

Due to the strong physical and emotional releases that may arise, this workshop is not recommended for people with cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, glaucoma, retinal detachment, history of psychosis, severe mental illness or pregnant women.


Science, support and confidentiality:

At Expere, we prioritize confidentiality and create a secure environment for our retreat participants. Confidentiality extends to the experiences, stories, and personal insights shared during the program, as well as the emotions and feelings expressed. We value and respect each individual’s privacy, ensuring that everyone feels safe and comfortable when communicating their thoughts and experiences.

We may have our Expere research team onsite who will be measuring various biomarkers of partipants throughout the retreat. We intertwine the spiritual with the scientific. To ensure that the transformation participants experience is not just perceived, but objectively measurable, our dedicated research team actively tracks and measures biometric and survey data throughout the workshop. By capturing real-time physiological changes – from heart rate variability to brain scans and other key indicators – we offer concrete evidence of biological growth and transformation.

The collection of biometric and survey data is entirely optional; one can choose to opt-in as per their comfort. Any data that Expere gathers is transparently shared with the respective participant, enhancing their personal insight into the retreat’s impact. We deeply value trust and security; therefore, all data procedures are meticulously designed to safeguard participants’ privacy and ensure confidentiality at every step.

Expere’s unique programs are unparalleled when it comes to combining science and spirituality. Everything we teach, we practice. Everything we practice, we research. Everything we research, we measure and study.

Have questions? Feel free to reach out to us directly at hq[@]expere.co, or you can book a free 30-minute consultation with an Expere representative.