This is a conscious continuous breathing technique and makes it unique by its combination of multidimensional sounds, using frequencies, binaural beats and NLP guidance. This will help you to reduce your ego mind tendency, the DMN (Default Mode Network) in your brain, or alsoknown as the “monkey mind”. Then, you will switch your nervous system from sympathetic to parasympathetic, giving the space for your somatic healing to come up with whatever needs to. Letting you go into a journey through your subconscious layers, and being able to discover what surprises it has for you along the way. In other words, the BREATH is the bridge between your conscious and unconscious, between mind and body, and here, you use it to create an environment and open space to communicate with your subtle layers. Whether it’s time to process and heal something, to feel, see or hear messages, or to strengthen your true essence and connect with a greater source, with your own supply, with your own intelligence that is already inside of you.

About Daniela Fenton

Hi! You can call me Dany! From the jungle of the Mexican Caribbean to the heart of the Tulips bulbs of the Netherlands, I live with my two boys, my husband and our lovely cats. I grew up with parents inspired by the timeless legacy of compassion and love of Tibetan Buddhist life style. These roots opened a door for me to begin my own Yoga journey. After 15 years of commitment to the practice, not only with asanas and body movement, but with theentire fields of Tantra Yoga, I began to dedicate myself to the paths that provide self-knowledgeand awareness.

For many years I dedicate my time on marketing projects based in the Wellness & Health business. Adding to this I’m a design curator and entrepreneur of my own projects, Tierra Libre Primary School, Mi Tierra Latina Concept Store, and The Reconnected Land. At the same time I’ve always been connected with my spiritual practice, which little by little, has transformed me into a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Breathwork & Pranayama Instructor, 9D Breathwork Facilitator,Reiki Practitioner and Ayurveda & nutrition consultant, complemented with other tools as meditations guides and NLP.

To have understood the true meaning of Kundalini, I had to transcend the intellect and with devotion to surrender to my practice. I’ve immerse myself in these fields, with thousands of hours in my daily practice, readings, teachings with a never ending growth, expanding more and more allowing a huge shift in my whole being and the ones surround me.

About Daniela’s sessions

In my sessions, we will work with our “instrument”, the physical body, to move the energy that is stuck, activating the nervous, lymphatic and endocrine system. With breath work, we connect the conscious with the unconscious. Mantras will give us the vibration to cool the mind tendency.

Altogether it will let us tune in into another state, free of the thinking thinking, past or future, and time and space. Kundalini has so many benefits. Some are immediate and some are more subtle, but these are the permanent and solid ones. With an open heart, I have the duty to share with you this powerful system that has helped me somuch, and I hope it can be the same for you.

Benefits of 9D Breathwork

Be sure to have a boost of energy!

You will experience:

  • Clear mind,
  • Reduce anxiety and burnout
  • Balance the nervous system.

What to expect:

I will receive you 15 minutes before the session. Then I will give you an introduction with all you need to know and expect before the journey, this will take around 20 minutes. Then you put on the headphones, eye mask,blankets, and lay down to just follow the instructions and guidance to let go, trust and flow. I will sustain and hold your space. With my experience as a Reiki, somatic healer and intuition, I know how to help you to release, let go and feel safe.

How to prepare:

Come with comfortable clothing. Don’t eat heavy meals or too much caffeine. Arrive 15-10 minutes before the workshop, to set up your space.

Dates & Time

Sunday 19th May | 14:00 – 16:00
Saturday 8th June| 15:00 – 17:00
Saturday 29th June | 15:00 – 17:00

Bluebirds Haarlem |

Investment: €57

You can sign up for the workshop here 

Cancelation Policy: You can cancel online for free up to 24 hours before the start.

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