Breathwork Deepdive

New to breathwork? Or a experienced breath-worker? This workshop is for everyone that is curious about what is actually happening in the body when we practice breathwork.


About your facilitator

After teaching pranayama (yogic breathing exercises) for a few years, Ramon decided to dive deeper into the scientific part of the breath, and then got totally thrilled about it. After finishing a breath-coach training he also became Breathwork Professional level 2 after completing the Breathwork Masterclass of Kasper van der Meulen. Now Ramon is here to share his knowledge and experiences with you, and to show how we can use our breath as such a powerful tool for our physical and mental health.

Dates & Time

Sunday 21st of January | 16:00-18:15
Bluebirds West| Jan Evertsenstraat 4-8

Price: €39,90

Sunday 25th of February | 16:00-18:15
Bluebirds West| Jan Evertsenstraat 4-8

Price: €39,90

More information and questions

Email: info@ramonkinkelyoga.com
Website: www.ramonkinkelyoga.com
Instagram: @ramonkinkelyoga

What you can expect

We start the workshop with a small lecture where we dive a bit deeper into the science behind breathwork. We will discuss the following topics:

  • How a wrong breathing habit can cause stress, tiredness, burn-out and many more health issues.
  • How we can increase energy levels, decrease stress levels, improve sleep, improve recovery and many more benefits by practicing simple breathing exercises.
  • How we optimize the breath
  • Breath-tests to test your own breath-health

After the lecture we start a breathing session where we alternate deep circular breathing with breath-holds to reset the nervous system. This workshop will leave you relaxed, energized and with a calm mind. Please weer comfortable clothing.

There will be time for questions and a cup of tea afterwards.


Precautions (for the breathing session):

  • Pregnancy
  • Cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure
  • Psychological conditions, epilepsy, active trauma or PTSD, history of psychose
  • Medication
  • Recente surgery or injury

In case of any of the conditions mentioned above, it is not advisable to join the breathing session. Please contact your health provider if a breathing session is suitable for you at this moment.