Community Acupuncture for Women

by Orit Zilberman @ Bluebirds Zuid

Orit Zilberman

About Orit

Orit brings over 20 years of experience in Chinese medicine with a dedicated focus on women’s health. She specializes in treating chronic vulvar and vaginal pain, recognizing the profound impact it can have on women’s lives. Through her extensive experience, Orit has observed that more frequent acupuncture sessions lead to faster healing. However, understanding the financial constraints many face, she has embraced the community acupuncture model to make treatment more accessible.

My holistic practice philosophy

While conventional medicine may not always provide the answers women seek, acupuncture has emerged as a trusted complementary therapy that can significantly enhance their quality of life.

Acupuncture has been extensively studied and proven effective for a wide range of chronic conditions. From managing vulvodynia and vaginal pain, to alleviating menstrual discomfort, PMS symptoms, endometriosis, urinary bladder issues, emotional well-being, digestion problems, insomnia, infertility, pregnancy discomforts, and postpartum depression, acupuncture offers a safe and natural alternative for healing and prevention.

In our community acupuncture sessions, you’ll join a small group of no more than four patients at the same time. The acupuncture points selected for treatment are non-intimate, typically located below the knees and elbows, on the scalp, and occasionally around the belly button. You won’t need to undress, ensuring your comfort and privacy throughout the session. 

The first session always takes place at Orit’s private practice. During this session, Orit will conduct an initial intake and perform an acupuncture session. Based on the information gathered during the intake, Orit will analyze your data and tailor an individualized treatment plan for the community acupuncture sessions.

Prior to your appointment at the community clinic, you will be required to fill out a personal secure online form to provide updates on your progress and any concerns. Just before the treatment begins, we will allocate a few minutes to privately discuss any major issues.


Start package: 115 euros
90 minutes treatment in Orit’s private clinic: a personal initial intake for diagnosis and 1 Acupuncture treatment

Community Acupuncture package: 180 euros
4 Community Acupuncture treatments of approximately 1 hour (for a value of 45 euros each) valid for 4 weeks

Where and when ?

Bluebirds Zuid (Rijnstraat 63H, Amsterdam)

Tjursdays from 13.30 – 15.30


Fill in the registration form for free 20 minutes intro call:


For more information and contact visit https://www.orit-zilberman.com/