Continuing Education: Traditional Chinese Medicine & Yin Yoga

Continuing Education: Traditional Chinese Medicine & Yin Yoga

An in-depth three days study – 25 hours of Continuing Education (Yacep)


Learn how to combine the 5 elements theory of the Traditional Chinese Medicine including Acupressure points and Yin postures.

For whom

A three-day training for (Yin) teachers and students who want to learn more or deepen their knowledge in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Yin Yoga.


An important part of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) is the Elements theory, with the elements:  Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal.

Everything that exists, physical as well as spiritual, human & nature can be qualified within these 5 elements.
Such as the seasons, parts of the day, organs, tastes, colors, directions and emotions. To balance means that your energy flows smoothly between all the elements.

Join us on a journey through the 5 elements and discover which element dominates your personality.
Are you more of a Water, Wood, Fire, Earth or Metal type? 

Learn what role each element plays in energy balance, its effect on the body, emotions and thoughts and how to improve this energy balance for yourself and your students. When the energy flows smoothly with the movements you feel fit and emotionally balanced.
The 5 elements theory can give you insights for you and your students on how to become more balanced in your life. 


Dates & times

New dates to be announced, please get in touch with Bluebirds for more information

Bluebirds Oost, Louise Wentstraat 186,  Amsterdam, info@blue-birds.nl

You will learn about 


  • 3 Treasures (San Bao).
  • 5 main substances (Qi, Jing, Xue, Shen and Jin Ye)
  • 3 Baos and the different types of Qi 
  • 5 element theory (in-depth) Wu Xing


  • Stages of the Tao and their movement
  • Translation and recognition of different pathologies within the 5 elements and how to recognize and harmonize them into nourishing/weakening/controlling/offending. (Ke Cylce and Sheng Cicle)
  • TCM knowledge of the organs Zang (Yin organs) Fu (Yang organs) 
  • Five Evils & Five seasons
  • Archetypes per element: Qualities & Characteristics (virtue), Challenges, Emotions and Yin Yang expressions
  • Seasonal movements
  • TCM nutrition facts,
  • Organ clock

Yin Yoga

  • Yin yoga Poses, Meridians and Acupressure points 
  • Meditation 
  • Yin & Yang Pranayama
  • 5 elements Sequencing : Shen cycle , Organ clock , Time of day

This training is taught by Hellen van der Harten lead of the Yin Yoga Teacher Training and José Meulemans, acupuncture & nutrition and Yin Yoga teacher.

Hellen and Jose have similar Yin backgrounds. Both started with Anat Geiger many years ago and then continued their studies with Paul and Suzee Grilley where they met. During the last joint training the plan was born to work together and create a unique deepening weekend for anyone interested in TCM & Yin Yoga.