Face reading sessions

Scheduling an appointment

Face reading sessions take place at Bluebirds West every Friday in the afternoon.
In order to book your session check the availability at Laura’s calendar here.




L’aura is an expert in REAL beauty. Her energy is soft and sometimes a bit confronting. She is your mirror.

A face reading session shows the real you. Laura reads your face as a compass and sees your inner world.
* Your trauma’s, wounds and healings
* Your past & future ( not reading the future)
* Your authentic side and your ‘ show’ side. What do you show to the world? Is that in contrast with who you are?
* How to feel confidence. How to trust your choices. How to play more.
* Which ( from 5) elements you are and how you what suits you best.

Everything you see on your face. Laura also provides free online masterclasses about face reading.

Concious Haircutting helps you to letterly let go what no longer suits you. With a soft ritual and a visualisation with energy transmission you focus what to let go and what to attract.
Everytime you look in the mirror and see your hair, you see the new vibe, the new you and the agreement you made with yourself.
* Let go what no longer suits you
* Download the new vibes and agreements
* A new hairdo with a head massage sets the deal with yourself
* Your mirror will repeat that everytime as a reminder to you.

Face reading– € 222,-  incl. btw
Concious haircutting – € 222,-  incl. btw