Kundalini Activation

Find your focus and sense of purpose by raising your Kundalini energy✨

Kundalini is the life force energy within us. It lies dormant waiting to be awakened as everyday
occupations draw our attention. We become drained and lose our sense of purpose, focus and
authenticity. We live our lives on autopilot simply doing what we think is good for us, as a "safe"
version of ourselves.

A kundalini activation session helps you awaken this beautiful energy to walk your true path. The
energy rises through the chakras and releases any blockages that may be there from traumas and


About the facilitator

Arek has been working in the corporate world while being drawn to mystic learnings and spirituality. After intensive trainings he started his practice where he offers 1 on 1 energetic healing sessions like Energy reading, Reiki, Energetic massage, Kundalini activation, Sound healing. He offers inspiring Group sessions for more people to get familiair and experience these beautiful techniques he has so fallen in love with.

Dates & time

Sunday 17th of December | 19:30-21:30 (Doors open 15 minutes in advance)
Bluebirds West| Jan Evertsenstraat 8, Amsterdam

(FREE parking on Sunday)

Price: €60,-

When buying a ticket you confirm you comply to attend this event and agree with the waiver


More information or questions

E-mail: hi@holistichealingarek.com
Website: www.holistichealingarek.com
Instagram: www.instagram.com/holistic_healing_arek

What to expect

During the Group session you are invited to lie down, fully relax and surrender to the energetic
transmission while listening to inspiring music. You will be taken on a magical healing journey!

Every experience is different. For example, you can experience sensations of unveiling energy
from your spine, move spontaneously or adopt postures, experience heat and/or cold, see visions,
feel intense emotions, experience pressure or pulsations in your body.

For everyone, the session will bring exactly what they need at that moment. Please note that it
usually takes several sessions to experience effects.

We close the session with a sharing circle and some snacks.
The session is available in English and Dutch.

How to prepare

  • Embrace an open mindset
  • Wear warm and comfortable clothes, think in layers as you might feel cold or warm during the
  • You can bring a water bottle. Water and tea is available.
  • To get the most out of your session, it is recommended, but not required, to hydrate up to an hour
    before the session and fast for approximately 2 hours beforehand.
  • Further:
    Alcohol – if possible, avoid 24 hours prior to session for best results.
    Caffeine – avoid 4 hours prior to session for best results.


This session is not suitable for:

  • People prone to mania, delusions or psychoses
  • Pregnant women after 7 months
  • Children under the age of 12 years
  • People who use strong medication such as antidepressants will be less sensitive to the energy.