Manouk de Bijl



During my search to naturally heal my ‘chronic’ dis- ease Ulcerative Colitis I found Yoga and Meditation. Or actually, they found me – as I had a sense of finally coming home. It became a significant part in my healing journey and felt a deep calling to pass this on to others.
Through my offerings & Yoga classes it is my path to inspire, be of service and work as a portal for you to blossom to wholeness. From head to heart we venture – listening, remembering and feeling. Cultivating a safe space and connecting movement to breathe to realign your body-mind-soul connection. Whether this being a fiery, dynamic, strong Vinyasa practice or a gentle, loving, soft Yin class. Leaving you feeling nourished, balanced and connected to your body, your Self and Mother Earth.


Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga