From a young age I knew that movement is my medicine.


Like most holistic approaches it isn’t always an easy one. After having to give up the dream of a dance career due to injuries, I found yoga at the age of 16. A few years later I fell in love with yoga and started practising on a regular basis. 7 years into my practice I had to let go of my beloved practice due to new injuries. I found myself again in the more soft and subtle form of yin yoga, qigong and energy medicine and found it to be incredibly healing.


Now, 3 years later, I’m even more in touch with my body and am enjoying all forms of yoga again and subtle movement practices. Teaching these subtle forms to help people consciously connect with what is present in their body, is a great passion of mine. And I am constantly looking for ways to learn more and integrate new teachings in my classes.


Next to teaching I am also running the Bluebirds West studio ever since 2023. It’s another great opportunity to keep learning and developing off the mat in a warm and supportive environment. It is a privilege to meet so many lovely and inspiring people who teach, rent and join our classes!



Yin yoga, Energy les