Mastering Mind & Body

Join us for our dynamic workshop, “Mastering Mind & Body,” located in the heart of Amsterdam. This immersive program combines insightful lectures with hands-on workshops, offering you training on a range of tools and techniques related to the mind-body connection.

Dive deep into Expere’s pioneering approach to the interconnected science of the mind and body. Our meticulously curated programs guide participants through powerful tools like meditation, breathwork, movement, and mindfulness to achieve balance and mastery over both mental and physical realms. This isn’t just another workshop—it’s a transformative journey that empowers you to lead a life of vitality, passion and intention.

What to expect

This workshop is specifically designed for individuals seeking to enhance their awareness of internal bodily and autonomic processes, enabling them to facilitate healing and optimize their body’s performance. Topics covered include biochemistry, anatomy, and various energy types within the human body, such as mechanical, chemical, and electromagnetic. Additionally, we discuss how to achieve heightened states of awareness, commonly referred to as “superconscious” mind states, or elevated states of awareness.

We welcome you to the Bluebird West yoga studio on Saturday, September 30 and Sunday, October 1. Lectures and exercises take place between 13:00 – 18:00, with one 30 minute break throughout the day. We will have light snacks onsite (granola bars, fruits and nuts), and there will be tea and water available.

How to prepare

  • Wear comfortable clothing suited for yoga and stretching
  • Bring something warm to wear during the meditations
  • A notebook and a pen are advised
  • Bring a reusable water bottle (water and tea are available on site)

About the facilitators

Graeme pf

About Graeme Raymond

Graeme’s journey into mind and consciousness began at an early age, first discovering meditation in his teenage years, and then expanding upon his teachings in university while he studied Philosophy and Theology at Queen’s University, Canada graduating in 2011.

After a life-altering journey battling cancer and undergoing multiple surgeries, Graeme embarked on a path of self-healing and discovered the profound connection between the mind and body. Content taught at Expere includes the practices Graeme has used to facilitate his own physical healing. Now as a Program Director and instructor, Graeme offers a unique perspective and transformative experience to guide others in connecting with their mind, body and reality, unlocking their highest potential.


About Katrine Breidahl

Katrine Breidahl is a professionally trained psychotherapist associated with the Sisifos Center in Copenhagen. She studied under the Greek philosopher and psychologist, Panos Charbis, known for his extensive work with depression and late-modern dual symptoms. Katrine is well-versed in (meta)cognitive therapy, but her primary focus is in psychoanalysis and psychosynthesis. This therapeutic approach aims to integrate the body, mind, and the mechanisms of personality, often referred to as the ‘soul’.

As a part of the Expere ecosystem, Katrine is familiar with the modules, exercises, and meditations that you’re undertaking. She has personally experienced the power of these practices and enjoyed the retreat in the beautiful surroundings. If you’re grappling with overwhelming negative emotions, unresolved traumas, inexplicable issues, or even everyday problems, Katrine is available for support.


About Elisabeth Janzer

Elisabeth has a background in psychotherapy, with a keen passion for spiritual practices and self-development. She has also completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training with the Yoga Alliance in 2020, certifying her to teach yoga.  Elisabeth’s true joy and purpose lie in guiding individuals on inward journeys through the integration of yoga, movement, meditation, and ceremonial practices. By combining the wisdom of yoga with the transformative potential of psychotherapy, she provides a unique and profound experience for those seeking holistic healing and personal growth.

Practical information

September 30 & October 1 | 13:00 – 18:00
Bluebirds West | Jan Evertsenstraat 4-8, Amsterdam

 Early Bird live in studio €150,- (until 1st of September)
Early Bird online €75,- (until 1st of September)

Regular live in studio €200,-
Regular online €125,-


More information & Questions

Contact: hq@expere.co