Microdose Journey with Connected Breathing & Microdose Circle

Connected Breathing & Microdose Circle: Diving deep into the subconscious with the combined power of connected breathing and a truffle microdose.

Connected breathing is a powerful way to connect to your emotional world. By this breathing technique, you explore blockages in your body and breathe through them so the life energy can flow freely again. You can “breathe yourself free” of emotional baggage. Sadness, anger and old pain can arise, but also the whole positive spectrum of laughter, satisfaction, happiness and feelings of liberation.We support the breathing journey through an (optional) microdosing of truffles. The psychoactive substance of the truffles works with the subconscious and is a perfect addition to breathing. The truffles allow you to reach deep new depths and help you to expand your consciousness. The microdose is optional.

We would love to welcome you and hold space for you!

What can you expect during the journey?

We will start with meditation, a sharing, drinking truffle tea and some light body work.Then we will start with the connected breathing session, where you skip the pauses between inhalation and exhalation and breathe deep into your belly. This will take about 45-60 minutes. Afterwards you have enough time to recover and lie down and integrate what you have experienced. At the end we take the time together to share what you have experienced.


This special morning is guided by Liv Stig and Denise Maaskant.

Dates & times

04-05-2024, 14:00 – 17:00
22-06-2024, 15:00 – 18:00

Bluebirds Zuid, Rijnstraat 63h, Amsterdam

Investment: €75,-

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Some of the benefits you will experience after the journey:

  • Feeling lighter and brighter
  • Release blocked emotions
  • Making space in the body and the mind
  • Connect to your essence
  • Spark creativity
  • Feeling a sense of joy

How to prepare?

Try to eat light & plant based food before the session. It is nice to wear loose-fitting clothing, possibly in layers. You can bring a journal to write something down about your journey. A waterbottle is also handy.

  • No coffee on the day itself
  • No alcohol the day before.
  • Do not eat two hours before the session starts
  • Do not eat or drink dairy during the last meal

  • if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • people who use the medicine lithium or tramadol.
  • personality disorders or a history of mental disorders (such as bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder, schizophrenia, severe trauma/PTSD.)


This breathing journey is facilitated by Liv and Denise. They are both certified breathing coaches. Together they make dreams come true, including breathing sessions in combination with truffles in the most beautiful places in Amsterdam. After hosting sessions in an ancient monastery, the Vondelkerk, the Posthoornkerk and Ruigoord we’re happy to introduce our journeys at Bluebirds.

Liv Stig

“The body has endless wisdom within it and all the potential to heal you. All we have to do is feel again that we have a body at all and what emotions, memories and dreams are hidden in it. For me, breathing is the highway to freeing up your body.”

Liv+Stig+Breathwork+Coach(1) - Denise Maaskant

Denise Maaskant

“Most of what we do, we do subconsciously. Actually, ‘We’ are not even ‘doing’ at all 🙂 When you learn more about what drives you, you can make different choices in life and take back the steering wheel. Breathing and psychedelics are and ideal pair to make the subconscious conscious.”