Open House Touch & Awareness Bodywork

We welcome you to meet the students from this year’s Foundation Training in Touch and Awareness Bodywork and some certified practitioners. They will invite you to receive a short session on the massage table and there will be some interactive exercises and dialogue.

About the teacher

Schirin Zorriassateiny has a broad background and extensive education in bodywork like Rosen Method, trauma, yoga and meditation. She has also been trained as a professional dancer and as an Olympic athlete. After decades of teaching these different topics in many parts of the world, she has built upon these teachings and founded Touch & Awareness in Amsterdam in 2017.

Dates & Time

Saturday 14th of October | 14:00-16:30

Bluebirds West | Jan Evertsenstraat 4-8, Amsterdam

Free entrance

You can sign up for the open day here 

Contact details

Website: www.touchandawareness.com
Email: schirin@touchandawareness.com