Reut Reiter



I am Reut, a qualified manual therapist, dance, pilates and yoga teacher, with ten years of experience in the world of wellness. Passionate about creating safe and comforting spaces, where inspirational and memorable learning experiences can occur.

My versatile knowledge and experience with ‘movement’ and the ‘body’ comes with a deep sense of responsibility and a playful attitude.

I believe what we experience we remember and that balance is key. Originating in disciplined codified practices, as a child, I did gymnastics, ballet, and competitive swimming. Later in life, I discovered CI, Feldenkrais and gaga, and gradually, less ambitious but more somatic and organic practices became my focus. Journeying between these two extremes was and still is an endlessly inspiring process for me. I invite you to come explore with me how precise detailed practices can be interweaved with self exploration and personal research.

You can find me teaching at Bluebirds West.


Pilates & Pilates Flow