Samantha Giovazzini



Samantha is completely devoted and dedicated to students, she invites them to explore their body, their mind and their energy through the power of yoga, offering them the possibility to enjoy their inner wonderful universe. Breathing and flowing through asanas with deep attention to details, exploring benefits of the poses, focusing on being present and aware with a spark of irony, philosophy and love! She taught in several different studios but everytime she passed in front of Bluebirds West, her heart was starting to dream about teaching there..That dream came true when she finally joined the beautiful, open and curious Bluebirds community!
“Inside us there is a universe. Outside there is just a world.” – Prashant Iyengar


Superles, let’s flow in this magical potpourri of physical movement! One thing is guaranteed besides the workout, it’s gonna be fun!
Relax Flow, we are moving slowly but with full awareness, everytime learning and discovering new amazing potentialities of the body, mind and energy.
Yin, enjoy the sweet doing nothing from the comfort of your mat. Restorative breathing and surrender into the poses, cultivating compassion, self-love and self-care.