Sound & Energy Bath – Tarot Special (workshop)

Welcome to our Sound & Energy Bath – Tarot special, a group healing session designed to bring insights and clarity as well as humorist and restore and transformation energy. Great for when you are going trough changes in your life or aiming to create something new, or when you feel off or stuck in some way.

We will start the evening with a meditation for really landing in the space and the moment, and intention setting. As well as bringing in soms vibrations and Sound to help with grounding and moving out of the head and into the heart and the moment. Next we will offer a min Tarot reading of 3 cards for each participant, on a question or issue they either have prepared or feel into in that moment.

The Tarot cards offer insights and clarity and shed light on your path, maybe what to do next, what to pay attention to, what to let go off or what to change, it can be anything. Questions can be about anything as well, the more specific the question, the more specific the answer will be, the cards work like a mirror.

The second part of the evening will be a Sound & Energy bath focussed on integration and of the first part so the insights and revelations can really grow some roots and start to grow as well as to send you into the coming days and weeks feeling completely safe, refreshed and relaxed.

Join us in this profound journey and experience the healing power of sound, as we create a symphony of well-being that harmonizes your mind, body, and soul. Embrace the revitalizing effects of our sound energy bath, where modern techniques meet ancient wisdom, providing a grounded yet transformative experience to enrich your life.

In this particular session there will be more focus on transformation, bringing new energy, integration of insights into the deepest levels of consciousness. At the end of the session there is space for sharing and i will also stay a bit longer for questions etcetera while i am packing up, please feel free to approach me.


About the facilitator

Dirkje Bakker-Pierre (aka Derrekien) is the founder and owner of Love & Other Necessities – Intuitive Creation through Form & Sound & Energy. A former creative who found herself on the path of spiritual awakening and has been moving on the crossroads of creativity and spirituality ever since.

She started out with a degree in graphic design and worked as a designer and art director for many years running her own agency (No Office).

She spent a lot of time with several spiritual teachers around the globe and this is where she learned and developed her skills in working with energy. Simultaneously she has taken part in many silent & meditation retreats to finetune her skills in meditation and connecting to the silence.

An experienced energy worker/reader with over 10.000 readings she not only offers her own services and products but is also active in working with others who are interested in discovering and growing their skills. To bring more freedom and love into this reality and support others who are aiming to do the same.

Dirkje is a Certified Sound therapy practitioner (@Shift Meditation), Certified Meditation teacher (Yoga alliance) and Certified Yin Yoga teacher (Yoga alliance).

Dates & time

Sunday 17th of December | 14:30-16:30
Bluebirds West| Jan Evertsenstraat 8, Amsterdam

Price: €55,-

Please note that tickets are non-refundable

Ticket (max 10 people)

More information or questions

Telephone: 0653372078
E-mail: hello@loveandothernecessities.com
Website: loveandothernecessities.com
Instagram: @love_and_other_necessities

Sound&chakra kopiëren

Example questions:

Emotional themed: “I have a lot of anxiety, it can completely paralyse me. Fear to loose my job, fear that something wil happen to my children, fear i will die… What can i do about this?”

Practical: “We would like to move to have more space, but we are not sure it is the right time, but the kids are in school here and it is a big step. Would this be a good idea for our family?”

Physical “The last few years i have gained a lot of weight. My sister told me a while ago that she thinks i eat to cover up. I am not sure what that means but i want to lose the weight because i am scared it will cause disease as i grow older. Could the cards advise me where to start?”

Energetic/emotional “I have been feeling stuck lately, it is as if i lost my inner motivation and there is always a grey cloud hanging in my energy, and days go by without any feeling of real connection or fulfilment. What could i do about this?”

Questions can also be socially related, family, work or spiritually, and more, but no things like “I lost my keys can you tell me where they are”. We all look at each question together, knowing that the group comes together in this constellation for a reason so each one has something to gain by listening to the questions and insights from one another. Also the warmth of the group, being together without judgement, looking with empathy and compassion, supporting each other by being in the energy field together adds to the healing and transformation proces of all.


What to expect

During our sessions, you’ll experience a deep state of relaxation, reduced stress, and improved sleep quality. As we clear and refresh your chakras, you can tap into your creativity and find inner balance. Our sound energy bath gently releases old, stagnant energy while inviting fresh, revitalizing light energy to flow through your being, boosting your overall immunity.

Using a carefully curated selection of instruments such as quartz crystal singing bowls, gongs, shamanic drums, chimes, and tongue drums, we craft a soothing soundscape that supports your energetic healing journey.

Our approach blends sound healing and energy work, with a focus on nurturing both the physical and “formless” bodies and dimensions, allowing for self-exploration and deeper insights.

How to prepare

  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing.
  • You need a eye mask and any item that helps you to be in a lying position more comfortably. A yoga mat, meditation pillows, bolsters and blankets are provided.
  • Please enter silently and remain silent in the room.

Benefits of a Sound Energy Bath

  • Brings you in a deep state of relaxation
  • Reduces & relieves stress, anxiety, depression
  • Increases sleep quality
  • Brings creative focus
  • Reduces pain & blockages
  • Boosts immunity
  • Can induce an altered state of consciousness
  • Cleanses your energy field & replenishes your cells

“The future of medicine will be the medicine of frequencies“

~ Albert Einstein