Transformational Coaching & Reiki Energy Healing

by Elina Hyvarinen @ Bluebirds Centrum


This is for everyone who wants a big change in their life. Increase the values and feelings that add meaning to life; Freedom. Courage. Joy. Love.

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About me

I’m Elina, a transformational coach and an energy healer. My work as a coach is solution-focused, and a deep-rooted experiential process where first issues are experienced – then understood. I am originally from Finland. Strong nordic energy, power and the cyclical change of nature lives inside me. I love the different seasons and the connection they bring to the surrounding nature and mother earth. I love walking in the forest, music, art, dancing and genuine encounters with people.

My own healing process has many steps. I grew up in a home where unhealthy thought and behaviour patterns became a part of me and my identity. My first wake-up call was when I realised and admitted my life didn’t satisfy me at all. I worked as a manager in stressful environment and burning a candle from both ends. There was a wall around me, a strong armor, based on which the self remained hidden. My true identity was under certain layers, keeping my own
inner wisdom and voice disconnected. Therefore my own path of change is partly an extremely painful and multi-step process.

After my first years of my own healing process, I was passionately looking for more information about energy healing, different therapy / coaching methods,
how our mind works, and how to connect with our inner child, with a higher self. I started to study and found my love path.

But above all, all this has been a wonderful journey. And as a result, something valuable has been born.

My areas of expertise are:

  • Traumatic/toxic relationship with parents
  • Self-sabotage
  • Setting and building healthy boundaries
  • Working with an inner child
  • Personal goals with a purpose

Transformational coaching

Transformational coaching is experiential, deep but solution focused. I use NLP + social panorama methods and in addition, meditations, chakra
healing and energy therapy. NLP enhances inner programming and resources. Combined they provide a powerful set of tools for empowerment and change.
Therefore, transformation is about the “death” of the old and the birth of the new. Transformational coaching is a strong, comprehensive intuitive and
process. It could also lead for a deep spiritual journey. I support this journey fully on your terms.

In transformational coaching, we return to the heart and the wisdom of the body. We create a connection between mind and body. As far as the mind is concerned, we can over analyze the issue, challenges and problems are usually not fixed by ordinary talking. We strengthen existing resources and free yourself from the shackles of the mind. In these sessions, we strengthen the experience of humanity – and the enormous power that is hidden in the body and mind. I will create a safe environment and conditions for you on this inner journey of discovery.

What is NLP?

The background assumption of NLP is that the human mind and body work as a whole, where, for example, phenomena at the language level are closely
connected to the cellular level and vice versa. In this way, with the help of language, you can, for example, bring about changes at the cellular level. Words
represent our interpretations of reality and have the ability to make us blush, stress, calm down or get excited. With the help of words, we can create and
maintain processes that produce physiological changes in the body.

NLP focuses on human skills and resources, and how they can be found, and how they can be used when needed. NLP is a practical model of how people
build their experiences, and structure their thoughts, feelings, behavior and the language they use, in order to understand themselves, other people, and this

A model of how people build their own unique worldviews of this world we live in. A model of how people interact both with themselves and with each
other. Answer e.g. to the question: how to connect with yourself and with another person?

NLP includes many methods and techniques that are modeled on humans and can be taught to humans.


What is the Social Panorama?

The Social Panorama Model is a psychological instrument with which we can change our unconscious map of social reality. The social panorama model is
social psychology applied to the NLP framework. It is a working tool for studying and changing unconscious social systems, thought patterns. The model
can be used to improve all kinds of human relationships and solve interaction problems between individuals and groups.

The social panorama model is the result of modeling people, the result of studying certain, here social, subjective, personal experiences with the aim of
identifying global, cultural and personal patterns. It is a tool that can be used to study and change the structures of social experience into ecological ones from the point of view of the individual.

If you want to know more about what is NLP or the Social Panorama, you will find here https://www.newaycoaching.com/about-me

What is Reiki?

Do you encounter a physical, emotional or mental complaint or challenge in your life and are you looking for a natural treatment?

Reiki is an energy of pure wisdom and it’s one of the energy healing techniques. Reiki is also the highest possible love and tolerance. Reiki is not a religion or an ideology, a dogma or an idea. It respects all paths and choices and never seeks to judge. Reiki also supports all other forms of treatment for the highest good and never interferes with other processes. Although we can never promise any specific result, we can say that Reiki can help, among other things:

  • Relieving tension
  • Worry, nervousness and anxiety calming
  • Harmonizing the body during pregnancy
  • Relieving symptoms of headaches and migraines
  • Opening the locks of the mind (insomnia, depression, dissolving emotional traumas, relieving obsessions, etc.)


Transformational coaching

  • 60 minutes  –  €95,-
  • 90 minutes  –  €130,-

I offer a free 25-30 min. mapping call, where we can think together about whether these are the right kinds of coaching for you. Of course, the call does not obligate you to anything.

Reiki energy healing

  • 60-75 minutes  –  €85,-


Elina is present on Wednesdays from 13:00-17:30h at Bluebirds Centrum (Prinsengracht 493, Amsterdam).


Did you become curious, do you have a question or would you like to book a session? Please let me know.  You can text me when you would like to have a free mapping call. I will get back to you in 24 hours. 

Tel: +31622367279
Email: elina@newaycoaching.com
Website: https://www.newaycoaching.com/                                                                                                    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/elina.newaycoaching/