Transformational Journey with Tibetan Breathwork & Yoga

Transformational Journey with Tibetan Breathwork & Yoga.

Dive into this transformative workshop, a contemporary application of age-old traditions, blending breathwork, yoga, and meditation for a modern approach to well-being.


What to Expect:

  • Explore the source and effects of the practices, guided by our facilitator.
  • Receive clear instructions, engage in a brief and enjoyable warm-up, and participate in a 1.5-hour inner journey to explore feelings and thought patterns.
  • Personal assistance with breathing through massage techniques (optional).
  • Evocative music to guide the inner process.
  • A small group for ultimate personal guidance  and deeper experience.



  • Elevate “happy chemicals.”
  • Release stress, enhance energy.
  • Improve focus, process emotions.
  • Address burnout, depression, ADHD.
  • Cultivate creative insights.



  • Experiential, not theory-focused.
  • No prior experience needed.
  • Rooted in Tibetan Buddhism, no specific beliefs required.


Afterwards, there will be time for a cup of tea, questions and optional sharing.

Ivar van Hoorn -Breathwork coach- Breathwork Amsterdam

Date and Time

Sunday 18th of Februari | 13:00 – 15:00
Bluebirds Oost | Louise Wentstraat 186, Amsterdam


Investment: €35,-





Email: ivar@breathwork.amsterdam
Website: breathwork.amsterdam
Instagram: @ivar_breathe_move_create

Your Facilitator, Ivar van Hoorn:

Dedicated to guiding individuals from imbalance to well-being, Ivar, a former filmmaker, turned to meditation and yoga after experiencing burnout. With a unique perspective gained from three years in a Tibetan Buddhist Community in Southern France, Ivar delved into diverse disciplines to transform burnout and depression.

Fascinated by the breathwork science, he earned a B-Mind Method certificate, trained with Jerome Wehrens (one of Wim Hof’s earliest students), and became a certified Buteyko Breathing. Ivar’s transformative approach, curated from extensive research, blends the most effective yoga, meditation, and breathwork techniques into a musical cinematic journey.

Ivar also works as a massage therapist, mindfulness trainer and creativity coach.

Breathwork.Amsterdam-Ivar van Hoorn - Breathwork - Ademwerk Coaching_IM11699


  • Pregnancy
  • Cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure
  • Psychological conditions, epilepsy, active trauma or PTSD, history of psychose
  • Medication
  • Recente surgery or injury



In case of any of the conditions mentioned above, it is not advisable to join the breathing session or follow it at a low or moderate intensity.

It might still be beneficial though to follow the yoga and meditation

For questions contact Ivar van Hoorn at ivar@breathwork.amsterdam.

Also please contact your health provider if a breathing session is suitable for you at this moment.

Ivar also works as a massage therapist, mindfulness trainer and creativity coach.