Transformational Sound & Energy Bath | Soundbath, Soundhealing

This Transformational Sound Energy Bath takes you on a journey trough all that you are beyond the standard use of our senses, where seeing goes beyond your eyes, listening goes beyond your ears and feeling goes beyond the form.

Getting in touch with your deeper self, the formless part of yourself. Experiencing your own subconscious depths. Enhancing your senses. Harmonising your energy field, relaxing your cells and nervous system, bringing in new energy, healing physical and energetic body as well as the other bodies on consciousness. Getting a greater awareness of all that you are beyond what your eyes see.

Getting in touch with your inner world and all the dimensions that you are. We work with Sound, Energy and Meditation for positive effects on our energy, emotions and physical bodies. We focus on bringing in light, healing and transformation, releasing any tensions in our emotional body, energy body or physical body. Whatever might be blocked or stagnant, or what no longer serves will be lovingly released.

This proces is supported by a guided meditation, energy work and the sounds and vibrations of the instruments. We work with visualisation, seeing, feeling, sensing to bring you more into contact with your own energy field and yourself. We are also bringing in new, fresh energy to all our cells and energy field taking this forward into the days and weeks after the session. We will use intention setting to bring this fresh energy to the things in our lives that we like to manifest or grow, to support whatever we might dream of to come into being. As we heal/transform our energies and emotions, ground them, we can tap into our heart and find inner guidance and intuition and re-establish the connection with ourselves, our hearts and souls.

Using a carefully curated selection of instruments with as central instrument the pure quartz crystal singing bowls accompanied by a curated selection which can be gongs, shamanic drums, chimes, bells, klimba and tongue drums, we craft a soothing soundscape that supports your healing journey. (The Sound bath is always curated to that moment and never the same).

My approach blends Sound Healing and Energy Work, with a focus on nurturing both the physical and “formless” bodies and dimensions, allowing for self- exploration and deeper insights and a general feeling of well being. Every Sound & Energy Bath has a slightly different emphasis which can be: Grounding our energies and emotions, embodiment, healing, manifesting, increasing intuition or a combination of any of these.

Dates & time

Friday 7 June 2024 | 20:15 – 21:45
Bluebirds West| Jan Evertsenstraat 8, Amsterdam

Early bird prijs: €28,30
Prijs: €33,80


Please note that tickets are non-refundable.

More information or questions

Telephone: 0653372078
E-mail: hello@loveandothernecessities.com
Website: loveandothernecessities.com
Instagram: @love_and_other_necessities

About the facilitator

Dirkje Bakker-Pierre (aka Derrekien)
Founder and owner of;
Love & Other Necessities – Intuitive Creation through Form & Sound & Energy.

A former creative who found herself on the path of spiritual awakening and has been moving on the crossroads of creativity and spirituality ever since.She started out with a degree in graphic design and worked as a designer and art director for many years running her own agency (No Office).

She spent a lot of time with several spiritual teachers around the globe and this is where she learned and developed her skills in working with energy and Tarot reading. Simultaneously she has taken part in many silent & meditation retreats to finetune her skills in meditation and connecting to the silence.

Her daytime “job” is running her own yoga brand (Love & Other Necessities) in combination with one on one reading and healing sessions where she combines tarot and energy work. An experienced energy worker/reader with over 10000 readings she not only offers her own services and products but is also active in working with others who are interested in discovering and growing their skills. To bring more freedom and love into this reality and support others who are aiming to do the same. 

Certified Sound therapy practitioner (@Shift Meditation)
Certified Meditation teacher (Yoga alliance)
Certified Yin Yoga teacher (Yoga alliance)


• Brings you in a deep state of relaxation (mind, body and soul)
• Reduces & relieves stress, anxiety, depression
• Increases sleep quality
• Brings creative focus
• Reduces pain & blockages
• Boosts immunity
• Can induce an altered state of consciousness
• Supports traveling into your inner worlds and other dimensions & galaxies or past lives
• Cleanses your energy field & replenishes your cells
• Supports transformation of emotions and energies

“The future of medicine will be the medicine of frequencies“
~ Albert Einstein

How to prepare

  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing.
  • You need a eye mask and any item that helps you to be in a lying position more comfortably. A yoga mat, meditation pillows, bolsters and blankets are provided.
  • Please enter silently and remain silent in the room.