Veronica Santini



Veronica Santini is an experienced yoga teacher who has completed over 650 hours of yoga studies. She has been teaching yoga internationally since 2014 and is certified in Vinyasa yoga and Yin yoga and specialised in Yoga for Female Health, Menopause Yoga and Pelvic Floor Yoga.

Veronica firmly believes that each student needs to feel empowered to practice in a way that feels authentic and good to them. Her style, thoughtful and precise, always aims to be non-prescriptive, so that you can make each and every practice become your own inner explorative journey. She likes to think of herself as simply the guide for you to find your own ways to approach yoga.

Her teaching style has been infused by amazing teachers, such as Janet Stone, Tiffany Cruishank, Shiva Rea, Leslie Howard and Petra Coveney, to whom she will be forever grateful.

She teaches at Bluebirds West and also gives private classes. She uses her knowledge of yoga and the female body to help you in various ways such as:

  • aligning your yoga practice to your menstrual cycle
  • reducing menstrual symptoms such as PMS
  • preparing your body to conception (both natural or assisted, e.g. IVF)
  • embracing your menopausal transition and reducing bothering symptoms
  • helping you develop a relationship with your pelvic floor and relax it and/or strengthen it


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