Yin Intensive Late Summer with Hellen van der Harten

Yin Intensive Late Summer-Earth/Autumn-Metal

A moment of self-care and nourishment to boost your energy level!

In China as well as all wisdom that comes from the East, people were very close to nature.They always believed that human beings are part of nature and cosmos. They accepted that we are part of a whole and that only by following the same laws and the same order we can maintain our health and develop a natural spiritual life, which for them is part of nature itself.

The Five Element Theory
Through observation, which is characteristic for the oriental mind, thy discovered that nature was composed of different cycles, each one with a distinct energetic quality. We can make a one-year analogy, with a full movement of Yang to Yin energy from the beginning of Spring/ Wood (beginning of life) to the end of Winter/Water (death), the year consisting of 5 seasons. Each season corresponds to one of the five natural elements, which can also be matched up with the five yin organs. By giving extra attention to the organ of the current season with an intensive yin yoga practice, we find greater balance in energetic levels.

The Earth element is the element of late summer but is also present in any transition to a new season. Earth element is all about being grounded and connected. “To feel at home inside ourselves”. The organ pair related to the Earth element is Spleen/Stomach, Asanas that activate these meridians focus on the front of the legs, the hips and twists.

Metal is the element related to Autumn. The energy of Metal, more than any other, supports our letting go, revealing what is true and of most value. The organ pair related to Metal is Lung/ Large Intestine. Asanas that activate these meridians focus on the upper body; chest, upper back, shoulders and neck.

In this Yin Intensive we combine these two elements because we are exactly in the transition from Late Summer and Autumn.

Yin yoga training Hellen 3

What you can expect

This Yin Intensive will start with a short introduction about the 5-element theory, the seasons and the related organ pairs, followed by meditation and intensive Yin Yoga practice where we first focus on grounding deeply within ourselves and connecting to what we feel and need, then seek for the opening to release what no longer serves us, ending with a 30 minute Meridian Nidra, where I guide you through the body via the energy pathways; Meridians which allows you to get into a total relaxation with the goal of harmonizing the Chi (energy)flow in the meridian system what makes you feel relaxed and rested.

Dates & Time

Sunday 8th of October | 15:00-17:30 (make sure you arrive at least 10 minutes before)
Bluebirds Haarlem | Rozenstraat 5, Haarlem

Price: €37,50


More information and questions

Email: haarlem@blue-birds.nl
Instagram: @hartenyoga

About your facilitator Hellen van der Harten

My life as an independent filmmaker and mother of two was quite hectic, very Yang. I did a lot of work-outs to stay in shape and my first (power) yoga class at the gym was pure coincidence. It was not the best experience but it made me curious and that is how I found my way to a yoga school over 20 years ago. The deep meditative and relaxing effects of Yoga and in particular Yin Yoga brought balance to my life. A few years later I did my first Teacher Training with Anat Geiger, Marcel van de Vis Heil and Johan Noorloos. It started with Vinyasa Ashtanga, a very physical form of yoga but gradually my yoga practice became softer and softer and Yin Yoga stole my heart. I attended many trainings with highly qualified teachers around the world, including Paul and Suzee Grilley, on whose method my training is based. With all this knowledge and experience, I created my own Yin Teacher Training Program in 2015 and I am very happy to share my knowledge and love for Yin Yoga and guide students to discover the healing, liberating and transformative effects of Yin Yoga and train them to become competent, confident and inspiring teachers.

How to prepare

  • Wear comfortable (yoga)clothes.
  • Eat light a few hours before the workshop