Continuing Education: Yin Yoga Therapy

Continuing Education: Yin Yoga Therapy 

Deep dive into hands-on adjustment, assisted-yin, the use of props and learn how to guide students with psychical and mental challenges. 

An in-depth two days study – 15 hours of Continuing Education (Yacep)


In this two-days Continuing Education weekend you will learn about the most common physical and mental complaints and how to use, props, the wall and hands-on assistance to further help and support your students in their healing process through Yin Yoga. You will learn techniques that you can use in your classes as well as techniques for 1 on 1 treatments.

For whom:

A two-day training for Yin teachers and students who want to learn more about possible modifications using props, wall and hands/body assistance in Yin Yoga.

Besides (theoretical) explanations we will mainly work with each other and we will practice the learned techniques extensively.

Join me for the weekend of learning and experience!

TMC - Hellen - Group

Dates & times

New dates to be announced, please get in touch with Bluebirds for more information

Bluebirds Oost, 186 Louise Wentstraat 1018 MS Amsterdam, info@blue-birds.nl

What will you learn?

  • Hands on adjustments (based upon Thai massage techniques)
  • Teach and receive Assisted Yin
  • How to use Props & Belts in the Yin poses
  • How to translate Yin poses using the wall (+use of props)

Hands on

touch can help deepen the teacher-student bond. To touch and be touched is a testament to trust, a nod to mutual affection. It can soothe, encourage, and immediately ground us in our bodies.

Assisted Yin

is a routine I learned from my teachers Paul and Suzee Grilley and it is designed to provide some of the yin benefits while working with a partner.  You will learn to give and receive Assisted Yin thanks to focus on hands-on techniques.
Assisted Yin can be relaxing and beneficial, both for experienced yogis and for absolute beginners.


offer tremendous benefits. They can be an extension of our body. A strap can lenghten our arms or legs, or connect one part of the body to another. What is more, props can lift the Earth to us as we ground down or support us  in releasing the tension of holding a pose. By adding pressure and weight, proprs allow us to rest, giving our nervous a signal to down-regulate.

One of my favorite props is the wall, which used for asana support, unlocks even more deep and relaxing effect. It is a great way to make Yin Yoga practice approachable for students with physical (especially back) complaints.


My life as an independent filmmaker and mother of two was quite hectic, very Yang. I did a lot of work-outs to stay in shape and my first (power) yoga class at the gym was pure coincidence. It was not the best experience but it made me curious enough to find my way to a yoga school over 20 years ago.

The deep meditative and relaxing effects of Yoga and in particular Yin Yoga brought balance to my life. A few years later I did my first Teacher Training with Anat Geiger, Marcel van de Vis Heil and Johan Noorloos. It started with Vinyasa Ashtanga, a very physical form of yoga but gradually my practice became softer and softer and Yin Yoga stole my heart.

I attended many trainings with highly qualified teachers around the world, including Paul and Suzee Grilley, on whose method my training is based. With all this knowledge and experience, I created my Yin Teacher Training Program in 2015 and I am very happy to share my knowledge and love for Yin Yoga and guide students to discover the healing, liberating and transformative effects of Yin Yoga. It is my pleasure to train them to become competent, confident and inspiring teachers.