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About me

My name is Veronica, born in the UK and I am a Freelance Massage therapist living and working in Amsterdam.

My love for massage started from my early trips to Thailand where I received many Thai massages and each one was unique and special. I was always amazed how wonderful my body felt after.

The inspiration to learn massage came after seeking an alternative therapy to treat an injury I had developed. The healing results after the Thai massage were amazing, the pain was considerably reduced and I recovered quickly.

I decided at that point that massage was exactly what I wanted to give to people for healing and relaxation so I started my studies to learn Thai Yoga Massage, Nuad-Bo-Rarn Style in Amsterdam and also in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

To increase my skill and knowledge I also studied further massage courses in Deep Tissue, Holistic relaxation, Hot Stones and Chair massage. I feel it is important to have something to offer everyone depending on there needs.

‘Variety truly is the spice of life’.

My mission and goal in all my massages is to help release the tension and blockages in peoples bodies, increase flexibility and promote a feeling of calm and relaxation.

Every session I provide is different and tailored to the needs of the client.

A consultation always takes place before the massage to discuss needs and requirements.


Thai Yoga Massage

An ancient traditional style of bodywork which gives the wonderful benefit of massage, yoga and energy work in one session. Acupressure is applied along the energy lines of the body to release blockages, increase blood flow and relieve muscle tension. Various yoga assisted stretches are made to open the joints, increase flexibility and relieve stiffness and Reflexology is applied to the hands and feet. Overall, It is a very relaxing and therapeutic experience relieving pain and tension where needed and bringing balance and harmony to both mind and body.

The massage will be performed on a mattress on the floor. No massage oil will be applied, so you remain fully dressed. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing during the session.


60 min – 65 Euro
90 min – 85 Euro

Offer * 10% discount off your 1st booking

Holistic Relaxation massage

A deeply relaxing oil massage designed to release any stress and tension in the body and promote a healthy mind and body.

With a combination of Swedish and Thai long gliding strokes, this massage will relieve muscular tension, improve circulation and relieve any aches and pains. Some stretches are also made to create space in the joints and increase flexibility.

Essential oils are used in the carrier oil if required for a more relaxing experience.


45 min – 50 Euro
60 min – 65 Euro

Offer * 10% discount off your 1st booking


When at Bluebirds?

Wednesday 17.30 – 22.00 hour

Bluebirds West (Jan Evertsenstraat 4-8)

Contact information & appointments

Tel: 0621 689 553
Facebook: verapeuticmassage