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Feel your heart

Saturday 17th of February

Bluebirds West| €55,-

Yin Yoga Teacher Training Amsterdam Haarlem 4

Yin Yoga Teacher Training (level 1 & 2 ) – Amsterdam

Level 1
Starts 27th of September
Level 2
Starts 8th of November

Bluebirds Oost | €850

Dive into the world of Yin Yoga and find your inner balance

Micro journey

Microdose Journey with Truffle, Reiki & Restorative Yoga

Join us on a healing journey from head to heart, with a micro-dose of magical truffle, reiki and restorative yoga.

1st of March, 14-17h

14th of March, 14-17h

5th of April, 19-22h

19th of April, 14-17h

10th of May, 14-17h

24th of May, 14-17h 

7th of June, 19-22h

21st of June, 14-17h

Bluebirds Haarlem | €69,-



Susan and Selma

Cacao, Mantras and Movement Gathering

Saturday, 2nd of March

Bluebirds Zuid | €25 Early bird ticket until 22nd of February

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Women’s circle

Sunday 21th of January 

Sunday 11th of February 

Sunday 25th of February

Bluebirds West | Early Bird: €25,80  Regular: €30,80

Bluebirds 25 feb1 - Relaxrenew bluebirds engels

Mini Soulretreat

Sunday 25th of February
Bluebirds Haarlem| €55,00


Breathwork Deepdive

Sunday 21st of January
Bluebirds West| €39,90

Sunday 25th of February
Bluebirds West| €39,90


Truffelceremonie met Freke van Nimwegen

Vrijdag 26 Januari
Vrijdag 16 februari
Vrijdag 15 maart

Bluebirds Haarlem | €375,-

Vind heling en diepe inzichten. Ga mee op een reis van je hoofd naar je hart met een macrodosering van magische truffel in de meest comfortabele setting.

Schermafbeelding 2023-04-13 om 11.15.33

Mexican Cacao Ceremony

3rd of February
24th of February

Bluebirds Oost| €43,30

Breathwork.Amsterdam-Ivar van Hoorn - Breathwork - Ademwerk Coaching_IM11699

Transformational Journey with Tibetan Breathwork & Yoga

Sunday 18th February 

Bluebirds Oost | €35,-


Move With Purpose. embrace everyday functionality

Sunday 18th February 

Bluebirds Oost | €75,-


Transformational Sound & Energy Bath Full Moon Release & Refresh

Friday 23rd of February

Bluebirds West| Early bird: €28,30
Regular: €33,80

The Movement Journey

Ecstatic Dance by The Movement Journey

Sunday, 18th February
Sunday, 17th  March

a day full of beautiful live music, delicious food, lovely people and free movement.

Bluebirds Haarlem| Early Bird € 29,95,-


Transformational Sound & Energy Bath – Spring Equinox Energy

Friday 22nd of March

Bluebirds West| Early bird: €28,30
Regular: €33,80


The Ayurvedic Lifestyle: Healing your body and mind with Ayurveda

Saturday 6th of April

Bluebirds West| €50,-

Cacao ceremony in amsterdam

Cacao Ceremony with Hailey Noa

Saturday, 24 February (Sold out)
Saturday, 9 March
Saturday, 23 March
Saturday, 6 April

Bluebirds West | €59,-

Journey into yourself, and tap into the wisdom of your heart & Soul,
with the help of ceremonial cacao.


Rest & Digest

Sunday 18th February 
Sunday 24th March
Sunday 21st April


Bluebirds West| €35,-


Touch & Awareness Foundation Training 2024

5 Weeks in March and November

Bluebirds West| €5.150,-


Continuing Education: Traditional Chinese Medicine & Yin Yoga

An in-depth three days study – 25 hours of Continuing Education (Yacep)

22th – 24th of March
Bluebirds Oost

Early bird price: 345 euros (until 15th of February 2024)
Regular price: 395 euros


3 Days Touch & Awareness Workshop: The magic combination of Touch and Words

Friday 29th March
Saturday 30th March
Sunday 31st March

Bluebirds West| 500,-

Hands-on workshop 3

Continuing Education: Yin Yoga Therapy

An in-depth two days study – 15 hours of Continuing Education: Yin Yoga Therapy (Yacep)

20th – 21th of April
Bluebirds Oost | Early Bird € 199,-


3 days Touch & Awareness workshop: Learn body reading and a listening touch

Friday May 10th
Saturday May 11th
Sunday May 12th

Bluebirds West| 500,-

Ashtanga TT

Ashtanga Teacher Training – Summer Edition


Starts on Friday, 07/06/2024


Early Bird: 2950 euro (until 1st of May)
Regular Price: 3150 euro

Bluebirds Oost

expere 5

Expere Classes

Every Tuesday and Thursday

Bluebirds West | € 15,-